All of our partners—personal trainers, life coaches, dietitians, stylists, motivational speakers—are united by an unwavering commitment to providing effective, efficient and motivating solutions for optimal work life integration.

The Founder

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Kira Jones

Kira Jones is the face of Cacti Wellness and the founder of the Cacti Wellness Collective. Kira's passion for wellness began in 2015 when she was looking for ways to control the stress and anxiety that went along with her busy schedule. While working at Equinox in Santa Monica, she found that although people are at their highest when they're taking care of themselves, our current society creates little connection between workplace culture and wellness practices. Upon leaving Equinox in 2019, Kira combined her business background and passion for wellness & productivity to create Cacti Wellness, which then led to the launch The Cacti Collective, in 2020. 


Cacti Collaborators

Lee Dashti

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Camille Knauer

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Amanda Dumot


Cleveland-based Yoga Teacher, 500-RYT

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